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Tesific’s Specialized Testing Services consists of Test Centers of Excellence (TCoE). Each of the specializations mentioned below include the best tools, methodologies, frameworks, and specialists to make your software scalable, reliable and secure. This complete package not only gives you the edge but also enables you to discover software issues much earlier in your SDLC. Our PoC (proof-of-concept) phase enables you to take correct decisions whether to invest in a commercial tool or an open source equivalent to do the job. We can work with our Alliance Partners to give you the best deal possible on tool purchases as well.

Performance Testing

Does your product use system resources optimally? Do you know how quickly your product responds to users and web-service requests? How confident are you that your product meets your customers’ expectations? Can you tell your customers that your product will not break under peak loads, and back it up with test data?

At Tesific, we perform Load, Stress, Capacity, Endurance and Holiday readiness Tests using industry standard tools like JMeter, HP Load Runner, HP Performance Center, IBM Rational Performance Tester, NeotysNeoLoad among others.

Tool selection is a critical activity in Performance Testing projects. Choosing the wrong tool can set a project back by months when it is discovered to be inadequate. We have an intimate understanding of the trade-offs in using various tools and can help customers identify the right set of tools for the job at the start of an engagement. We also advise on cost optimized (High, Medium, Low, Custom driven) tool selection based on your biz needs.

We help you define Product performance, Performance planning, Measuring performance, Analysis, Tuning, and Benchmark testing.


Performance Testing Types:

Stress, Crash and burn, Scalability testing, Profiling, Simulate / inject hardware and software failures, Throttling select parameters, Throughput and latency check tests, Volume testing, LongHaul/Soak Testing, Page Load Time Analysis



JMeter, HP Load Runner, HP Performance Center, IBM Rational Performance Tester, NeotysNeoLoad, OpenSTA, WebLoad, etc


Key Metrics Tracked:

Frequency and average duration of garbage collection, Number of thread contention events, Local heap memory usage over time, Max heap usage, Peak use of live threads, Peak use of daemon threads, CPU utilization over time, RAM utilization over time, Page loads per unit time over time, Number of managed code exceptions thrown per second (.NET), Time required to execute last request, Hit-to-miss ratio of cache requests.

Security Testing

Security testing involves identifying vulnerabilities at the application, host, and network level to reduce the exposure of critical systems / assets to external and internal attacks.

As per NIST, 92% of the vulnerabilities are Application security related, not networks. Threats can come from anywhere and from anyone! Does you application or product have the right application security controls built in to address this ever evolving THREAT?

Tesific provides application security testing expert services for all stages of the SDLC process starting from Design phase (Threat Model Analysis) to Product Release stage (security test executions and vulnerability report generation).

security-testing-methodology Tesific provides security testing services in the following areas:
  • Application security testing
    • Web application
    • Desktop application
    • Applications integrated with Web-services
  • Security products / tool testing
  • Evaluations

Our service comes with:

  • Dedicated R&D team for security testing expert services who are involved in researching tools and security processes to optimize security testing efforts
  • A security testing lab
  • One of the following proposals' based on customer’s specific platform needs:
    • Rental option
    • Customer provides the infrastructure
  • Secure environment for development and deployment using:
    • Tightly controlled network access (if applicable) to avoid various network related threats (e.g. Buffer Overflow, packet replay attack, etc.)
    • Physical security of the development environment (e.g. Prohibiting external magnetic media to the workplace etc.)

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