Functional Testing


Testing is a continuous process; the applications are tested throughout the lifecycle. Every version upgrade, feature addition, enhancement(s) and increase in user load along with implementation has a need to undergo thorough testing.

Tesific’s functional testers come with an objective to:

  • Identify defects, nonconformance and associated risks
  • Communicate known issues as soon as they discover them
  • Ensure that system meets the requirements of customer
  • Ensure all issues are addressed before release

Our Testers while being passionate about software testing, are also equipped with heuristics and oracles that enable them to discover the defects in the software much quicker. Be it Orthogonal Arrays, followed by Pair-Wise testing, in order to identify test cases in multiple platform combinations such as OS, Languages, Devices and Browsers for platform optimization OR just doing exploratory testing. Many come with automation tool experience, so they can write some quick scripts and automate a few scenarios.

So if you are thinking how I will get over this hordes of test cases, our testers can show how!

We Cover:

  • Heuristic-driven Testing
  • Situation-based Testing
  • Automation (if only solution)

What You Get:

  • Re-usable Test cases
  • Test coverage metrics
  • Code coverage metrics

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