Digital Test Assurance


Increasing demand for Digitalization, followed by higher customer expectations make it very challenging for many organizations to maintain the best end user experience. Digital experience, also brings with it, its own challenges around connected devices, constantly changing user interface (UI), and support for new devices arriving the markets every day. All this has to happen at neck breaking speed to remain competitive and be-the-first in the market.

Today’s Challenges:


No single tool that meets the testing needs

Constantly changing landscape and UI

Support multiple Devices, Platforms, Browsers, and Geos

Not enough time to test on real devices / browsers

Faster Go-To-Market

You need experienced testers who are entrenched in the development process, and who would pair with your developers to accomplish your testing goals in a very short time. Infact, they can start testing even while the UI is being developed. As the components of the application are developed, the code to automate them could be made available simultaneously. Once these tests are ready they can be deployed concurrently on multiple platforms and devices either on physical or virtual machines to increase the test coverage.

With Tesific you can also start with Performance (front-end and backend) and Security Testing along with Automation , so you can discover these issues much early in the lifecycle - saving valuable time fixing them!

Ask for Checklist on Digital Assurance Testing:


Installing from market-place, launching on device(s) & uninstalling

User Experience - Performance across multiple devices & geographies

Stability Test

Memory Tests
Day-in-the-Life of the App Tests (connection drop, media, interruptions, battery usage, etc.)

Interface testing (if applicable)

Linguistic tests (if applicable)

We Cover:

  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Portals
  • Web Content
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Real Device & Browsers
  • Connected Devices

What You Get:

  • Reusable Test Assets
  • In-house Testing Framework
  • Experienced Testers
  • Checklist

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