About Us

Tesific ("Your Digital Testing Partner") is a gen-Z company and a niche player born in the DevOps era bringing with it years of experience and offering testing services around Digital and Mobility. We offer specialized testing services in Test Automation, User Experience, Performance and Security Testing. We have SDETs (Software Design Engineers in Testing) who have been embedded in the development process. Our approach is to pair them with your developers to accomplish your development goals in very short time. So, if you have embarked on a journey of Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous Testing then we can help you accelerate the cycle without rushing inadequately tested software out of the door.

Our SDETs are also well versed with the agile development and work closely with the developers to design the test scripts. These scripts can be triggered alongside the check-in, so you continuously get the results and the health of the build simultaneously – continuous feedback. We can also consult you if you are in the process of embarking towards Continuous integration.

Infact, we love to test and get the kick when we discover the defects in the software! We also know that nothing is perfect, hence, strive to take the software we touch, towards perfection. Our goal is to release every software with ZERO defects in production.

Now, if you believe in SAVING TIME, MONEY and EFFORT and are looking at a faster Go-To-Market then give us a howl and we will be happy to help.

Core Values:

  • Achieve: Exceed client expectations consistently
  • Collaborate: Collective learning, Team Spirit and Sharing
  • Excellence: Solve problems in a way that makes people's lives better


A Perfect Partner in Software Testing


To be the World-class Test Engineering Company providing on-demand Software Testing services.


Our Team:

The Tesific team consists of real professionals: SDETs (Software Design Engineers in Testing), Test leads, Test managers, Test Specialists, and Test Architects. We hand-pick every person who is certified in programming / testing tools and well versed with software testing methodologies.

Our experience suggests that testers have to be extremely creative in doing their tasks, and equipped with the right tools to be effective. Our indigenous testing PROCESSES stitches the other 2 entities: PEOPLE (Creative part) and PRODUCTIVITY (Tools part) to create a perfect triangle.


We onboard a good mix of experienced and fresh recruits so our customers can get the best for their bucks. Our goal is to reduce your (client’s) time-to-market by giving you the best talent on-demand.

So, if you are looking for testers either to augment your team, or to outsource your testing work, or even to manage a quick spike, we can help you with your requirements.


Ramanath Shanbhag, Founder ramanath linkedin-badge

Ramanath Shanbhag is a creative professional with around 18 years of experience across the industry – having worked at Mindtree, Microsoft, HP, Aditi, and Accord Software.

Being an innovative, motivated and goal-oriented professional, he has consistently proven his ability to handle multiple strategic and operational level responsibilities in start-ups, mid-sized as well as large organizations. With such a unique blend of diverse experience, he has now embarked on a journey to help organizations achieve the best in Software Testing.

Ramanath is an advisor to clients, has an unmatched ability to discover cost-effective solutions, and adept at client management.

Ramanath has comprehensive experience in Strategic Planning, Test Delivery Management, Software Testing, Process Management, Quality Control, Project Management, Product / Process Development, Market Recognition, Client Relations Management, Cross Functional Coordination, People Management, Team Management, and Creating innovation in testing.

He has published and presented several Whitepapers, Articles, and Blogs in many prestigious conferences and magazines.