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    Your Testing Partner Who Really Understand the
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Tesific Team is dedicated to elevate your Digital Testing Environment across devices and other touch-points leveraging digital CoE's with adaptive, scalable and focused strategies.

About Us

Tesific is a niche player offering testing services around Digital and Mobility. We offer specialized testing services in Test Automation, User Experience, Performance and Security Testing. We have SDETs (Software Design Engineers in Testing) who have been embedded in the development process. Our approach is to pair them with your developers to accomplish your development goals in very short time. So, if you have embarked on a journey of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Testing then we can help you accelerate the cycle without rushing inadequately tested software out of the door.


Some of our testing services

Digital Test Assurance

Digital Test Assurance

Your software would work on every platform you desire!

Test Automation

Test Automation

Script it. Run it. Feedback!

Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Your software runs even when your users pound on it!

Consulting Advisory SERVICES

Consulting & Advisory Services

A well defined vision goes a long way in keeping your fingers from getting burnt.


Organizations are spending 52% of their IT budget towards QA & Testing, out of which major allotments are 27% for Cloud, 40% for Big Data & Analytics and 17% for Mobile.
- Gartner Study 2015

What's new in the blog

Find out why - Your Test
Automation Strategy failed?

Test automation has been the new buzz in the testing industry. It's simply amazing how it promises to reduce your overall time to market and that to at a lower cost, something which every CIO, Test Manager and CEO wants. I would like to share what I thought would help lot of CIO's around.

4 OCT 2016

A Testers View of Mobile App

I recently paid my utility bills using a mobile payment app, and it took up to 4 working days for the payment to get credited. While most app providers do mention this upfront, there is always a doubt whether the transaction will go through or will there be a nasty a surprise just before the deadline?

15 JUL 2016

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